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iX ERP provides you with a unique way to follow up on the supplier payment and plan your payments to your suppliers. Using Supplier Payments you may pay suppliers invoices partially or fully and based on the agreed payment terms, this transaction will generate an automatic journal entry, also it requires a bank or cash account that has the required amount to be paid.

iX ERP allows you to pay your suppliers from a foreign currency account with the equivalent exchange rate recorded in the system, or you can modify the exchange rate instantly in the payment transaction.

iX ERP allows you to pay more than one invoice in a single payment, and also apply instant cash discount or advance payment discount, don’t forget to enter the bank charges if there are any bank charges associated with the payment transaction like transfer charges.

iX ERP allows several ways to pay your supplier, like direct payment without an invoice, this can be done by entering the amount you will pay without allocating this amount to a specific invoice, or you can also do this from the banking module with payment for cash or bank accounts to suppliers, later on, you can allocate the payment amounts to specific supplier invoices when your supplier issues the invoices from “Allocate Supplier Payments and Credit Notes”.