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Approvals are one of the most important and critical functions inside any organisation, we made the approvals feature flexible enough and easy to set up and use.

Approval features is a multi-level approval and you can add your custom workflow based on any organisation’s policy.

Approvals Setup #

Approvals can be created for any document, select the document type like Sales Order, Purchase Order etc.

Make sure you know the levels of the approvals and you have roles in the users’ Access Setup that has the permission to approvals module, make sure that the approval role is assigned to the right users.

Start with the first level which is the document creator, if set then the document created by this level will not affect any other module and will be kept for approval.

The second Level and all the following levels are document approvers, make sure that the user role is assigned correctly to the user and the role is set up for approval in the approval module.

When the document is created and kept for approval, the creator (Level One) has no control over the document and the document can be shown only in the approvals list, then the second level can prove or reject or edit the document as needed, when the document is approved it goes to the next level and so on.

If the document is rejected, it stopped here and doesn’t go to the next level.

Users can go to the approval list and check their documents’ approval status and the people who approved or rejected their documents.