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Payments and Deposits

Payments and Deposits in the Accounting module handle all cash and bank transactions in or out using any banks or cash accounts. It can also handle customers and suppliers advance Payments and Deposits.

From the main menu:

  1. Click on the Banking And General Ledger tab.
  2. Click the Payment or Deposits icon.
  3. The default is Miscellaneous, so enter the payer’s or payee’s name.
  4. Under From, you can select customer or supplier from the drop-down list, then a list of customers and suppliers appears.
  5. Select the Bank Accounts to which the payment or deposit will be registered.
  6. Select the GL account(s) the payment or deposit should be posted to by clicking Add for each one required.
  7. Enter any notes in the Memo field.
  8. Click Process the Payment or Deposit when finished.

Hint: Check Budget section for real-time budget smart indicator.