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iX ERP Financial Statements

    iX ERP financial statements and financial reports required to submit your annual tax report and evaluate your company performance, like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance. iX ERP comply with TAX system in 26 countries.

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    Full set of Financial Reports

    iX ERP provides a full set of financial statements and reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Trial Balance to satisfy your organisation financial reporting needs and end of year closing support. You can extract the financial statements any time as it is calculated automatically from your data entry and up to date, you can apply several filters like the required period, branch or even a certain cost centre. iX ERP financial statements are very powerful when you measure your business performance and progress.

    iXERP Financial Reports
    iXERP financial reports filter

    Financial Statements filters

    Financial Statements can be extracted based on branches or projects or cost centres by applying filters on the reports and select the right required financial statements filter. This feature can give you a bottom-up financial approach to see your branches or projects profitability and how it reflects on the overall business profitability or balance sheet. iX ERP filters can also be used for company departments or business units to measure its performance based on financial indicators in the profit and loss statement and balance sheet. iX ERP financial statements filters are very powerful in supporting business decision-making.

    Financial Reports drill down

    iX ERP provides financial statements drill-down which allow the authorised person to drill-down in the balance sheet or profit and loss to the lower level to the single transaction level. iX ERP drill-down feature is very useful in financial groups insights, browse all the details that led to the top-level number in financial statements and also to detect and correct any data entry error.

    iXERP reports Drill-down
    iXERP Financial data comparison

    Financial Report data comparison

    iX ERP provides a very strong feature of comparing the current fiscal year numbers to several other compared factors. For example, iX ERP profit and loss statement can compare the current period numbers with the same period from the last year or compare with a previously set budget and forecast, also can compare its numbers with accumulated values from the current fiscal year. By using iX ERP financial statement compare feature, you can measure your progress across the year against your reference numbers.

    Financial Reports export

    iX ERP provides the capability to export all your financial statements and reports to Excel and PDF format files, whether you need to keep a backup of these reports, send it by email or even do more analysis and calculations using Excel. iX ERP financial reports export is a very simple process, just select the required report and change the method of output between on the screen or export to Excel. This feature is very useful when you need to apply some of your equations to analyse your financial reports further.

    iXERP reports export