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FAQ section is the top frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our customers, you may find the answer to your question below, if you did not, please contact us by clicking Send your Question button.

FAQ: What does the app subscription include?

iX ERP subscription includes:-
– Users’ access to iX ERP (Cloud ERP Solution) as per the number of users ordered.
– Incremental daily backups will be kept for one week.
– email integration.
– API for integration and development.
– Highly secured environment.
– High availability data centre 99.999%.
– Operated by highly skilled professionals 24×7.
– Free upgrade or downgrade on demand.
– Support by online tickets.

FAQ: How can you calculate your subscription cost?

iX Dev Apps price is easy to calculate its subscription cost with hassle-free and no hidden cost. iX Dev Apps (iX ERP Cloud ERP Solution) is charged per base module + the number of users required per month with available features based on the selected edition, Check the prices.
You need only to pay the monthly subscription, and we will take care of everything related to the application, you should focus on your business, we are your digital partner.

FAQ: What is the App subscription paid user?

A paid subscription user is defined as an employee or a supplier or any person who has or will have access to iX Dev application (iX ERP) through application credentials (Username / Password) to create and/or modify data.

FAQ: What kind of support is included in the paid subscription?

– We provide functional support and bug fixing services on standard features, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT during working days, in English and Arabic (Other languages will be available soon) via online tickets with 48 Hours max response time (SLA1).
– One full Backup per day, with stored 7 backlog backups (1 week of backups).
– Customisation, special application and custom module development are not supported.
– Please consult with sales if you need a customised support service.

FAQ: Do you offer an on-premise option?

No, We don’t provide an on-premise option, because of the nature of our SaaS service and the experience we would like our customers to enjoy, we only support cloud deployment.

FAQ: How do I select the right implementation package?

According to our experience with preceding projects, we recommend to our customers the right implementation pack so that all our customer’s implementation is successful for the required scope.
The most common reasons a customer would buy an extra Implementation Pack for their initial implementation are data import issues (due to unorganized merge data or an abnormally large volume of data to import), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), or requiring additional training for employees prior to completion of implementation.
Some customers may also purchase an additional Implementation Pack after initial implementation because they want to make their solution evolve over time as the company grows.

FAQ: How I am going to pay for the subscription and service?

You can purchase our service through by contacting us.
Several payment options are available directly with iX Dev UK, If you would like to pay in your local currency or local payment option, please contact our local reseller in your country, and they will facilitate this option for you.

FAQ: Is my data secure on iX Dev Cloud?

We take your data security seriously, we apply the highest security measures to protect your data privacy, we are hosted in a state-of-the-art Tier III data centre in central London with several certificates like PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 – 9001, HIPAA, with very high physical security, the highest encryption for data and communication, and several other high-end security measures. Our security team works around the clock to make sure that our systems apply the highest security measures against any internal or external threats.

FAQ: Who else can access my data?

No one can have access to your data except the authorised people who have your assigned username and password, make sure you change your password regularly with a strong password and keep it safe and secure and not exposed to anyone except you.

FAQ: What will happen to my data if I need to discontinue the service to leave iX Dev cloud app?

We will be sad to see you go as we value your business, please let us know if we failed to satisfy you at any point as we learn from our mistakes.
Before you suspend the application, you can extract full reports to Microsoft Excel sheets with full data like GL transactions, Sales and Customers, Suppliers and Purchase, all basic data like items, the chart of accounts and company financial reports etc.
These reports include a full history of your transaction data. If you don’t know how to do it, our support team can help, just send a support request from your authorised email address.
We will keep your database backup for 1 month after service expiration in the case would like to renew your service for another period, after one month from the service expiration your database and its historical backup will be wiped out permanently.

FAQ: How to Order?

To be able to order iX ERP Modules and services you have to create an account on iX Dev billing system and verify your email and some information like name and country, then you can go to order on the left menu and place your order.
You don’t get charged for the registration, so it is completely free to be part of our community and there is no payment method or credit card are required to register.

FAQ: Order Placing

To place an order you should select iX ERP package and the number of users required, also you have to enter the service name and the service language as this information is required to set up your service.
Once you press checkout you have the full price based on your selection, and you will be asked to provide the promo code if you have one, if you don’t have a promo code just proceed with the order, Congratulations you have placed your order.
Your order status will be pending, and the system will issue an invoice based on this order with status unpaid.
When you pay the invoice, the order status will be switched to active or pending setup, depending on the requested service.
When the service setup is complete, our team will open a ticket with your login credential and some information on how to log in to your service.

FAQ: Invoices and Payment

If you are placing a new order or choose to be billed monthly, in all cases we issue an invoice for you with the amount you should pay, and you will receive an email notification to inform you of the invoice issuance.
You can log in to your account and download the invoice as PDF, the invoice will be marked as Unpaid till it is paid.
We don’t save your credit card information or charge your credit card automatically, it is your complete responsibility to log in and pay the pending invoice.
The invoice will be marked as Paid after you complete the payment, also you may check more information about the payment methods and processing in the payment processing section.

FAQ: Payment Processing

iXDev billing system Payment Processing support is only Debit/Credit Card processing, please note we don’t save your credit card information in our system.
Please note if your Debit/Credit Card issuer support 3D Secure or SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), the system will ask you for Card Authentication whether by OTP (One Time Password) usually sent to your mobile as SMS, or by confirming some account information or other special authentication apps.
You will get a Pop-up on the screen to provide the Authentication information.
Once this Authentication is successful, then the payment processing is done and your invoice will be marked as Paid.
Please note, you may experience an additional payment fee based on your location.

FAQ: Debit/Credit Card 3D Secure or SCA Info

For extra fraud protection, 3D Secure (3DS) requires customers to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer when paying. Typically, we direct the customer to an authentication page on their bank’s website, and they enter a password associated with the card or a code sent to their phone. This process is familiar to customers through the card networks’ brand names, such as Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check. You can check your bank for more information.
The Strong Customer Authentication regulation in Europe requires the use of 3DS for card payments. 3DS may be optional in other regions but we are using it to reduce fraud if your bank supports it.

FAQ: Add Fund

For your convenient, we would like to introduce you to our wallet feature in our billing system. This feature allows you to add funds to your wallet and use them to pay your monthly invoices automatically.

You can add funds to your account at any time to cover future invoices, iXDev billing system will try to pay your invoice using the fund in your account first, if the fund is not enough to cover the pending invoice then it will be not paid.
You can add the difference to your fund to cover the value of the invoice, or you can add an amount to cover several future invoices.

How to Add Fund:

– To add funds to your wallet, after login, click on your account name on the top right.
– Choose the “Balance” menu.
– There you can see all the payment you made and settled invoices.
– In the bottom of the page you can find the button to “Add Funds”.
– Click on Add Funds button, below a screen will open to enter the amount you want to add and then click “Add Funds” beside the amount box.
– The billing system will create “Add Funds” invoice.
– On the bottom of the created invoice, you can find a button to download the invoice PDF.
– To pay the invoice, click on “change payment method”.
– On the top of the page, you will find “pay by credit /debit card” selected, and below it is “Pay Now” button with the amount entered before.
– Click on “Pay Now” button, a screen appears to enter your credit / debit card information.
– After entering the Credit / Debit card information, click “Pay Now” button.
– Please note further steps can be required by your bank, like OTP or 3D authentication, we support the maximum security required globally for your safety.
– Please note, we don’t keep or save your credit / debit card information.
– Then the funds will be added to your balance, and you will see the amount added under balance.
– You can add funds anytime you want and as often as you need to cover future invoices.
– Please note, the minimum amount to add is £10.
– To check your wallet balance and transaction history, click on your account name and click on the “Balance” tab.
– There you can see how much funds you have left and how they were used.
– Please note, unused funds can be refunded after deducting credit /debit card settlement fees, it will be variable depends on your bank and way of refund.
– If you would like a refund, please open a ticket and choose Account team, and we will help you through the steps and inform you with the accurate deductible fees.

We hope you enjoy this feature and find it convenient and easy to use. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to open a ticket anytime.