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Small Business ERP

    Small business ERP addresses SMEs challenges in using technology to enhance their business performance, for its high cost, complexity and technical knowledge required for its implementation.

    With the rise of cloud technology and cloud applications, Small Businesses are more likely able to adapt technology more, for its low cost, ease of use and low technical knowledge required for implementation.

    iXDev empowers Small Businesses (SMEs) to realise their potential through its complete portfolio of cloud applications that cover all business needs with rich features and low cost.

    Several Small Businesses (SMEs) in several industries had implemented iXERP (Cloud ERP for SMEs) to enhance their internal process and grow their business and had showed significant growth in past years.

    Small Businesses (SMEs) who implemented iXDev’s cloud applications are able to act as large enterprises in their professionalism and showed huge customer satisfaction, without the need for huge upfront investment costs or a long time for implementation.

    Small Business ERP Conclusion:

    The main reasons behind the business growth for Small Businesses (SMEs) who use iXDev’s cloud application are its ease of use and ease of understanding, with no hassle behind it like servers errors and hardware problems or mandatory technical knowledge to operate, plus the continuous development and enhancements in the application features with continuous professional support for our customers, and also the simple cost model which is designed specifically to suit small business’s needs.

    Moreover, iXDev is highly committed to providing its customers with the best cloud application experience with its robust cloud infrastructure and datacentre information security professional team, to enable small businesses to focus only on their core business operations and forget all the information technology hassle behind the applications.

    To understand more about how iXDev’s cloud applications can help your small business to grow and enhance your business performance, please check our products page for SMEs, iX ERP (Cloud ERP for SMEs).