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iX ERP helps you to track and maintain customer’s orders known as customer PO, like every document in iX ERP Every Sales Order will have a Reference number, it is generated automatically based on the reference system settings. Sales Order can be created from Sales Quotation or directly from the system, also it can be created by integration with eCommerce application using our API. Before a Sales Order can be created, you must previously have set up all the following:

  1. Item
  2. Customer
  3. Customer Branch (is created automatically when you create a customer)
  • To view all open Sales Orders use Sales Order Inquiry on the Sales Menu.
  • To make created Sales Orders as a template for Delivery documents or Invoices use Sales Order Inquiry and tick the Tmpl checkbox.
  • If you place your mouse pointer over any button, you will see an explaining text about what is going to happen.
  • Cancel Button: If creating a new sales order, this button cancels the Changes. If an existing order is being edited, pressing Cancel Button means deleting the sales order.