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Maintaining connectivity with iX Dev through multiple network connections:

Some businesses utilize multiple internet connections for redundancy and performance reasons. These redundant networks often have different external IPs and rely on load balancing or round-robin protocols to distribute traffic.

Encryption and IP changes:

Please be aware that your connection to iX Dev uses strong end-to-end encryption. If your IP address changes due to load balancing or another network configuration, the encryption link will be broken. This necessitates re-initialization by logging in again to the service.

Solution for multi-IP networks:

To avoid re-initialization each time your IP changes, you have two options:

  1. Sticky session configuration: If your load balancing network supports sticky sessions, configure it to ensure you stay connected to iX Dev service with the same IP throughout your session. This way, the encryption remains unbroken.
  2. Dedicated IP configuration: If your network lacks sticky session functionality, configure the iX Dev service web address to consistently access it through a single, designated IP address within your network. This eliminates the problem of changing IPs and maintains a continuous, encrypted connection.

In essence, the key is to ensure that your connection to iX Dev consistently uses the same IP during your session, either through sticky sessions or a dedicated IP configuration.

Additionally, please note that the specific method of implementation will depend on your network equipment and configuration.