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Browsers Issues and Solution

As there are several internet browsers versions and plug-ins out there you may experience some issues while using our applications.

These issues may occur because of several reasons:-

  1. Outdated browser version (The solution to update to the latest version of this browser)
  2. Outdated browser plug-in (The solution is to update the browsers plugin)
  3. Popup blocker and Ads blocker, some applications consider invoices popup and popup screens as not allowed as per your settings (The solution is to allow the iX ERP website address for Popup and whitelist it for Ads blocker)
  4. Some Antiviruses programs modify the header from the internet browser, this change may make the browser act strange like download a file instead of running it or view the page (The solution is to whitelist iX ERP URL from your antivirus settings).
  5. Finally clearing the browser cache should help in solving several issues in most cases.
  6. Consult your IT for internal investigation for the reasons.