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Customer Allocation

Customer Allocation purpose is to settle customers transactions, like direct customer payment with no invoice involved or a credit note with no remittance, also a direct credit note with no invoice.

To do this go to Sales -> Transactions -> Allocate Customers Payments or Credit Notes

  • Select a customer
  • Use icon at the end of every row to allocate customer payment against an invoice
  • Credit notes can be also allocated against invoices
  • After customer payment is allocated you will be re-directed to Customer Allocation Inquiry screen
  • Use Show Settled Items checkbox to see also settled documents for a reference. You can also change its allocations.
  • When you allocate the customer deposit balance, you should select the bank payment to be allocated for this record.
  • After allocation invoices will no longer be due, and will not considered as delayed in the Aging report.

Customer Allocation Inquiry

You can query the allocated documents by using Customer Allocation Inquiry with the below steps.

You can find it under Sales -> Inquiries and Reports -> Customer Allocation Inquiry

  • Select a customer
  • Restrict document range by dates
  • Choose document types and click Search
  • Use icon on the right hand side to allocate customer payment against invoices