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iX ERP e-Invoice

    iX ERP comply with countries regulations for e-invoices and VAT submissions. iX ERP e-invoice enables the company to issue secure invoices with Barcode, QR Code and Secure high encryption Hash whether you will send them by email or hardcopy printing.

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    Invoice BarCode

    iX ERP e-invoice issue invoices with a barcode on the top of the invoice contain the invoice number to be able to search the invoice easily. Invoice Barcode can be read by any Barcode Reader in several iX ERP screens. it complies with several governments regulations for e-invoice that the invoice should include an encrypted Barcode for the invoice number.

    ixerp e-invoice barcode
    ixerp e-invoice QR Code

    Invoice QR Code

    Invoice QR Code is a secure code that contain invoice information and company information, plus some information related to VAT. the QR code can be used by several smart wallets application to pay the invoice or can be considered a method to secure invoice information. QR Code is required by several governments to integrate with e-invoices system.

    Secure High Encryption Invoice Hash

    iX ERP e-invoice secure high encrypted hash is a key generated from invoice information, this key cannot be decrypted or forged, by using the high encrypted key and other invoice factors your invoices are safe from forge.

    ixerp e-invoice hash
    ixerp invoice format

    Invoice Format

    iX ERP invoice comes with pre-formatted that satisfy the TAX and VAT requirements in 26 countries, invoice information is very important for customers, company, government and tax authorities to be interpreted with the same info by all parties.

    Invoice Integration

    iX ERP invoice integrates with several technologies and applications to satisfy the requirements of the local needs for the e-invoices. iX ERP e-invoice can be issued as PDF and integrate with your email server, it also integrate with e-Tax applications through a rich API and apply very high security measures in integration with TAX systems.

    ixerp invoice integration