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Fixed Assets Registration

Using iX ERP fixed assets registration, you have to fill the below fields:
Fixed Asset information: Assets Code/Tag, Name, Description, Category, Tax and unit of measurement.
Depreciation: You have to select a predefined asset class and depreciation method that will be used to depreciate this asset, also a depreciation start-date.
Depreciation Method: iX ERP supports all known depreciation methods, such as Declining-Balance, Straight-Line, Sum-of-the-Years’ Digits and the One-Time method.
Dimensions: If it is not defined with the asset category, or if you need to change your specific asset dimension, you can choose a different dimension her (Cost Centre – Project Accounting – Branch Accounting)
GL Accounts: This is a very important set of fields to define the accounts from Chart of Accounts that will connect fixed assets module with iX ERP core accounting GL module, these accounts will be used to generate journal entries related to fixed assets transactions if you choose wrong GL accounts you may expect a wrong GL integration.