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iX ERP provides several functions in supplier invoices, and 2 ways to enter a supplier invoice in iX ERP system.

  • Direct Supplier Invoice” can be entered directly with a simple process by selecting the supplier and products, quantities and goods prices, then the invoice is complete and iX ERP will take care of all calculations like subtotal, discount, grand total and taxes, also iX ERP will generate the required journal entry.
  • Supplier Invoice” in the transaction tab allows you to create a supplier invoice based on a supplier receive note/warehouse receives, it also can handle batch goods receive invoicing from several warehouses. You can add items to the invoice as per the received quantities, also you can use Remove button only if you are sure that the items will not be invoiced in future, this will revoke the item receive and return it to the purchase order, please note this remove cannot be reversed. If you leave items not yet invoiced on the list, you can invoice them later. iX ERP that allows you to add any general ledger account to the supplier invoice, like a freight cost, import cost or some discounts that rise up after you issue your purchase order.