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iX ERP Procurement

    iX ERP Procurement module provides comprehensive purchase functions and workflow steps for all purchase operations, it guides all procurement processes and workflow to the standard organisation process.

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    Suppliers Information

    iX ERP Procurement module includes your supplier’s database with complete contact and legal information and information about your percentage of discount and payment terms. Suppliers’ information database helps you centralise all your supplier’s information to be used by any department when it is required.

    suppliers information

    Procurement Cycle

    Procurement module provides a complete procurement cycle from purchase order to supplier payment, this module supports the supply chain process with integration with the inventory module. The procurement module track all suppliers’ transactions step-by-step from start to end with company rules and users permissions, it tracks fulfilled orders, the warehouse receives quantities and supplier invoice and its payment.

    Suppliers and Purchase Data Analysis and Reports

    iX ERP provides detailed reports and data analysis for all procurement cycles, it also gives some indicators about open orders and due supplier invoices. this analysis help business decision-makers to make their decision faster and more effective based on real data. iX ERP helps you to keep your supplier network healthy.

    Seamless Integration

    Procurement module integrates seamlessly with other iX ERP modules like inventory, manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Cost Centre, General Ledger and Banks, also Reports and Analysis. This seamless integration ensures data integrity and easy transaction processing between departments without any data loss or work delay, which saves the organisation time, effort and cost.