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Documents reference number

In iX ERP you can adjust your reference number for all document types by clicking on setting icon in the top bar, then click on the plus sign to expand the “Setup” section, click on the button “Transaction Reference”. In this screen, you can adjust your start reference number or re-adjust the reference number for every document type (Like invoice or credit note …etc.) by clicking on edit pen beside every document type reference record, in iX ERP you can create more than one reference number per document type, also you can use the below pattern in your reference number to create an automated reference number format.

References usually contain numbers, Text pattern and optionally a special field. Special fields include:

        Pattern text: Letter that identify the reference number
        {MM} date 2 digit month
        {YY} date 2 digit year
        {YYYY} date 4 digit year
        {UU} user
        {P} pos


        Pattern: INV
        Year: 2015
        Month: 09
        User Number: 01
        Start from: 20 
        auto increment reference number will start from 20
 The result will be: INV2015-09-01-20