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Identifying Items with Multiple Codes

Foreign item codes allow you to manage products with various identification codes, including both internal and customer-specific ones. This feature is particularly helpful when creating:

  • Shipment Labels: Include all relevant codes for efficient tracking.
  • Customer Barcodes: Generate barcodes based on the customer’s preferred code.

These codes can then be conveniently incorporated into sales invoices during the entry process.

Internal vs. Customer Descriptions

The item master description serves internal purposes only. If a customer requires a specific product description, the foreign item code description takes precedence. Otherwise, the item master description will be used.

Foreign Item Codes in Sales

Foreign item codes function as aliases for item codes within the sales entry system. They were introduced to enable the use of customer-preferred codes (e.g., EAN codes) during counter sales instead of internal item codes.

Quantity Conversion

The foreign code quantity acts as a conversion factor for the original item quantity. For instance, if a sales quote lists 10 units of a product with a foreign code entry quantity of 10, the actual quantity in the system will be 100 (10 units * 10 conversion factor).

Unit of Measure

The unit of measure entry specifies the unit used by the customer for a particular product.