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iX ERP Dashboard

    iX ERP Dashboard (AI Powered Cloud ERP Dashboard) is a ready-made out-of-the-box dashboard with several financial and critical business data analysis to give business executives like CEO and Directors insights about overall company performance and departments performance, for more effective decision-making in a shorter time period.

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    Overall Business Progress

    iX ERP AI Powered Dashboard includes profit and loss chart with company progress during the year and performance measurement against budget and income forecast, AI powered prediction for revenue and general expenses, the chart shows monthly cost and revenue compared with the budget and income forecast. In the bottom, you will find a profit and loss summary year-to-date with profit-loss percentage for the current fiscal year.

    Overall Business Progress iXERP Dashboard
    iXERP Dashboard Daily Summary

    Daily Summary

    Daily summary in iX ERP Dashboard presents the daily transactions like sales orders, invoices, collection, payments and returns. The daily chart is presenting the live-data and shows immediately on the dashboard.

    Company Global Financial Ratios

    iX ERP Dashboard includes the global financial ratios calculated automatically from your daily transactions entries compared with last year financial ratios and the percentage of change. Financial ratios are powerful KPIs to help summarise financial statements and the health of the company or the enterprise.

    Company Global Financial Ratios
    Modules Data Insights and Analysis

    Modules Data Insights and Analysis

    iX ERP Dashboard provides very powerful insights and analysis for your recorded transactions based on every module, like sales data analysis and products and services transactions analysis, cost centres and bank accounts status and many more.

    Overdue Invoices

    iX ERP has a payment terms model that reflected as the due date on every invoice whether it is a sales invoice or supplier invoice, using this due date iX ERP can calculate the customer and supplier invoices ageing and alarm you with the due customer invoices or due supplier invoices. Due invoices section in the Dashboard helps not to miss any payments or collection and support your cash flow performance.

    Overdue Invoices