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Customer’s Branches

In iX ERP, a customer must have one branch in order to issue a sales invoice and/or delivery orders. If your customer is a business (instead of a person) then that business may have several branches, each with a different address and contact person details. If your customer is an individual, you still need to create a default branch in order to process sales transactions.

You can edit the customer’s branch from Add and Manage Customers > Select a Customer > Customer branches: (Add/Edit)
Sales > Basic Data > Customer Branches > Select a Customer

Every branch contact person has its related rules for emailing contacts in Customers, Branches and Suppliers. Each item is referring to a Contact Category, and these rules govern how the transaction should be sent to which customer person.

  • ‘invoice’ for invoices, and statement and receipts
  • ‘delivery’ for deliveries
  • ‘order’ for orders and quotations
  • ‘general’ for everything

* Please Note: Customers and its branches cannot be deleted if it has a transaction but can be deactivated from the customer settings, so it does not appear in the list when you create new sales transaction or payment.