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Bill of Materials | BOM

Bill of materials feature in iX ERP cover a wide range of raw materials and products list for several industries, bill of materials are required for any production process to set the required raw materials required to produce a single final product. You can add an unlimited bill of materials using your entered or saved raw materials easy and fast using a barcode reader. iX ERP also adds some field to make the production process very easy like the warehouse to draw the raw material from and the work centre or workstation process that will be done on the raw material to produce the semi-product or final product as an output for this phase.

  • Make sure Work Centres are created before you start creating a bill of materials BOMs.
  • In iX ERP items (Products) creation, we have a product type as manufactured item, so the bill of materials (BOMs) can be created for Manufactured Items type only.
  • In case you are using a fraction of the purchased raw material to produce the final product, for example, you purchase a raw product with KG and you use 10 grams in the construction of the final product, make sure you allow decimal points when you set up the product unit of measure to be able to set a product quantity as a decimal value (10 grams = 0.1).