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Distribution ERP

    Distribution ERP helps distributors, importers and manufacturers to be more efficient, planned, organised and resilient. They are always having their own distribution channels for several distributors/resellers/retailers who are spread across a country or a region. The management of a distribution network could be very difficult when it gets large, so distribution management and automation become an important requirement.

    Distribution management refers to the process of overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. It is an overarching term that refers to numerous activities and processes such as inventory, warehousing, supply chain, and logistics.

    Sales Channel management is an important part of the business cycle for distributors and wholesalers. The profit margins of businesses depend on how quickly they can turn over their goods. The more they sell, the more they earn, which means a better future for the business. Having a successful sales channel management system is also important for businesses to remain competitive and to keep customers happy.

    Sales Channel Management is critical to a company’s ability to successfully attract customers and operate profitably. Executing it successfully requires effective management of the entire internal process. The larger a corporation, or the greater the number of supply points a company has, the more it will need to rely on automation to manage the distribution process effectively.

    iX ERP Distributors Management and Supply Chain Solution provide the ultimate tool to manage the business distribution network. iX ERP integrates the business distribution network inside the organisation to collect extra information till the product reaches the end customer. It also gives businesses great control over their distribution network to control product movement and catch more sales.

    Why enhance the Distribution Process?

    • Extend your business arms and Manage processes outside your organisation, at your distributors’ site.
    • Consolidate data from your distributors’ hubs, and control your sales chain.
    • Analyse collected data to support your distributors’ growth and success.
    • Historical Data Analysis and Sales forecast, Manufacturing Planning etc…
    • Their success is your success.
    • Predict any issues and take proactive corrective actions.
    • Inventory Management across the country.
    • Electronic Payment Integration.
    • Electronic invoicing integration and trading between distributors.
    • Accurate daily sales insights.
    • Business Artificial Intelligence model.

    Main Distributors and Manufacturers should remember that extending automation and ERP software systems to their distribution network has become not an option in today’s hard competitive markets. Main Distributors and Manufacturers should develop a win-win situation between them and their distributors similar to their implemented business partnership, as your distribution channel’s success is definitely your business success, and if you help your distribution channels to enhance their internal performance this will be reflected on your business as more revenue.

    To understand more about how iXDev’s cloud applications can help your business and distribution network to grow and enhance your business performance, please check our products page for iXERP (Cloud ERP).