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iX ERP Fixed Assets

    iX ERP fixed assets module is an integrated part of iX ERP, it requires other iX ERP modules like inventory, purchase and sales module. This module will keep your fixed assets database in one place with very rich information about your fixed assets like asset location and asset value, organisations can track their fixed assets using assets-tags or barcodes. iX ERP will take care of fixed assets depreciation with different depreciation methods with an easy and simple click.

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    Fixed Assets Information

    Fixed Assets module helps businesses to collect and store all information related to its fixed assets, including its different types and classes from buildings, lands, cars and trucks, machines and even furniture and electronics. The fixed assets’ database includes information like its purchase date, serial number, brand, type and other useful information to be stored in one place.

    Assets Tracking

    iX ERP supports fixed assets locations and fixed assets serial number or barcode, the module allows organisations to track their fixed assets using asset-tags from several types starting from simple Barcode label to RFID tags, iX ERP also supports moving fixed assets between business locations, so organisations can track their fixed assets at any time and make a manual-count, or valuation for the fixed assets in any business location.


    Assets Operations

    Fixed Assets module provide several assets operations to support fixed assets’ life cycle inside the organisation, The standard operation includes fixed assets purchase order and fixed assets purchase with procurement module integration and suppliers invoices, also fixed assets disposal and fixed assets sales, these standard operations are fully integrated with the general ledger, to generate fixed assets journals for accounting purposes.

    Fixed Assets Depreciation

    iX ERP module for Fixed Assets includes several methods of depreciation which cover all types of fixed assets and depreciation accounting methods. The depreciation methods include the Declining Balance Method, the Straight Line Method, the Sum of Years Method and the One time Method, also businesses can control the depreciation period as you may run your depreciation process every month or longer period like quarterly or yearly, this may depend on your business policy.

    fixed assets reports

    Fixed Assets Inquiries and Reports

    iX ERP provides a comprehensive fixed assets inquiry and reports which give businesses the ability to track their fixed assets and its status. Businesses can run fixed assets valuation by category or location, this information help decision-makers with their decisions related to fixed assets purchases.