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The requisition module is a part of iX ERP procurement workflow to simplify the internal ordering process for items required by organisations’ departments.

Requisition Entry #

Requisition entry where anyone has permission can log all their purchase requirements by adding products and services required for their use, they need to enter information like the purpose of the requisition the project or department, the items quantity and estimated price if available.

You can keep the requisition open till you finish all your requirements for this order, once it is completed you need to click “Complete” to be available for the purchasing department.

Requisition Allocation #

Using the requisition allocation, the purchasing department can see all the requesters from all the departments and users, they can edit the request to modify the quantity and price, and also group the purchase order from a specific supplier.

After finishing the previous step, the purchasing department can generate the purchase order and it will be available to send to the suppliers in the list of the purchase order view.

Note: requisition entry cannot be modified after completion, and requisition allocation cannot be changed after it is converted to a purchase order.

A purchase order converted from a requisition can be modified by the permitted user.