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iX ERP Provide several ways to handle suppliers receive notes or warehouse receive to suit all businesses processes whether it is simple or more complex.

You can follow the 3 steps supplier process from PO, Goods Receive then Supplier Invoice or you can choose to work directly with supplier invoice, this depends on your business nature and industry.

Supplier Process Steps:

  • Place a Supplier Purchase Order
  • 2nd Step, Go to Outstanding Purchase Orders Maintenance, to choose a purchase order to receive its quantities or also a service that had been delivered by the supplier, This step will generate Submit Goods Receive Note (GRN), or a Service Delivery document.
  • Goods Receive can be done fully or partially based on actually received quantities, the purchase order will remain open till you receive the full quantities and products listed in the purchase order.
  • 3rd Step, Go to Supplier invoice, so you can select the list of received products or services to be included in the supplier’s invoice, this step usually entered when you receive the supplier actually invoice and compare it with received goods or services.
  • You can always record partial or full supplier invoice or batch several goods receive notes in one invoice.
  • The last step is the payment to a supplier based on agreed payment terms.

If your business has a simpler process, then you can jump a step from the previously mentioned steps, by selecting Receive Note directly, or even Direct Supplier Invoice, iX ERP will automatically generate the previous steps with reference number “auto”.