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Delete a Transaction

It is possible to remove or delete a transaction in iX ERP, by clicking the settings icon in the top bar, then expand the tab “Basic Setup” by clicking the plus sign, then click on the button called “Void a Transaction”.
In the void a transaction screen you can filter the transaction list by document type and transaction number range when you find the transaction that you want to delete, you can click on the edit pen at the end of the transaction row, this will show the transaction information below in the void transaction form, then click on the button below “Void Transaction”, a warning message will appear to warn you that this process cannot be undone “Are you sure you want to void this transaction? This action cannot be undone.”

At this point, you can return to the form in the bottom of the screen again and press the cancel button to stop the process, or press process button to complete voiding the transaction.

Take into consideration the following:

  • You cannot delete a transaction that has dependencies like if you have a payment on a specific invoice, you cannot delete the invoice or if you created an invoice for a customer delivery you cannot delete the delivery note.
  • Voiding a transaction cannot be undone, but it still appears in the audit report or auditing purposes.

Voiding a Supplier Invoice

Remember when voiding a Supplier Invoice, the underlying Purchase Order Delivery is NOT voided. This is because a Supplier Invoice can comprise of several Purchase Order Deliveries.

If you want to void all transactions related to a supplier invoice, then this is a 2 step operation.

  1. First void the Supplier Invoice
  2. Then void the Purchase Order delivery note.

Voiding a Sales Invoice

  • Void of a sales invoice does not void the sales order.
  • You can reuse the same sales order.
  • Void of a direct invoice (auto-generated delivery) clears the quantities in the sales order.
  • Void of sales invoice based on customer delivery note does not clear the quantities in the sales order or delivery note.

Because iX ERP prevent editing Sales Invoice for legal purposes, so, to edit a sales invoice follow the below steps:

Editing the sales invoice.

  • If the sales invoice was created based on customer delivery note, then void the customer delivery note after voiding the invoice.
  • Void of a direct sales invoice auto-voids the auto-generated customer delivery note and customer sales order.
  • Edit the sales order and process.
  • Then, process a customer delivery note based on the sales order.
  • Then, process customer invoice based on customer delivery.