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Customers Prepayment is an advance payment for an order using the Pre-payment method and Payment Term.

  1. In sales Order creation, if the Payment Terms is set to be of type pre-payment, then customer is eligable for advance payment.
  2. Orders cannot be invoiced unless advance payment is completed.
  3. You can set the payment term to the customer, so it apply when create new Sales Order to the customer.
  4. Under Setup -> Payment Terms, there must be a payment option with type Pre-payment
  5. When creating a sales order:
    1. at the top set payment to be your pre-payment option
    2. at the bottom, fill the value of the prepayment in the Pre-Payment Required field
  6. Go to Sales -> Invoice prepaid orders:
    1. on the right will be an option to create prepayment invoice
    2. at the top set your payment terms to be your prepayment option
    3. at the bottom, it should show your prepayment as being invoiced here, and the amount left to be invoiced
  7. Some other steps that I can’t quite sort out
    1. payment needs to be entered
    2. Delivery against sales order must be processed
  8. Go to Sales -> Invoice prepaid orders:
    1. You should have an option to create the final invoice now
    2. at the top, select the normal payment method.
      1. in my case, the previous payments were not shown on the screen, but the prepayment was shown on the invoice, and the correct value is displayed in the customer payments page.