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Customer’s set up

iX ERP allow you to maintain your customer’s information including contact information, branches and legal information like company registration number and TAX/VAT number. iX ERP Sales module integrate with other modules like General Ledger and inventory, customer’s set up has the related settings for this integration.

Before you start adding customers you should make sure that you had set up the other related features like sales group, sales type, salesperson, sales area, required general ledger accounts and currency. Most of these related settings can be found under Sales > Basic Data >
Other related General Ledger features will be found under Banking and General Ledger > Basic Data >

Other related settings like Payment Terms and Dimensions (Cost Centres) will be found under its related modules.
Payment Terms: Settings > Miscellaneous > Payment Terms
Dimensions: Cost Center and Projects Module from the main menu.

When you create a new customer, iX ERP will create a default branch automatically and assign all the required general ledger accounts from system settings.

Customer’s records and information is required to issue an invoice or customer delivery or credit note, please note if you would like to send the invoice by email to the customer you should fill customer email in the customer information fields.

*Please Note: You can enable customer search from the company set up, then start a search by pressing space in the Customer List, or use the edit box in front of the list if such one is available. Now enter a fragment of Customer name and press tab. The list will now be populated with relevant records. If you enter a *, all records will be shown.