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iX ERP CRM Common

    iX ERP CRM has very rich features that are supported in all modules, the common features make iX ERP CRM highly flexible to suit any business and industry, it can be tuned for any process using a strong workflow and custom fields, and you can get effortless information by scheduling reports to be sent to your email.

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    Organisation Chart

    Building your organisation structure by department or job function from the top management level to the employee level. This will help the iX ERP CRM to determine the organisation reporting level and task assigning permission.

    iX ERP CRM Organisation Role
    iX ERP CRM Permissions

    Permissions and Profiles

    Every Role or User can have specific permissions, it is completely fixable to assign the user direct permissions or assign profile permission. iX ERP CRM is capable to set fields permission per module and even on the created custom fields.

    iX ERP CRM Custom Fields

    Custom Fields

    iX ERP CRM is customisable for all businesses types, it is capable to add custom fields for every module to add more information to the module and include it in your process, whether is information is a number, text, specific info like email or phone number or a drop-down list. Created fields will follow the security, workflow and integration.


    A customisable and highly flexible workflow based on your business requirements to automate specific processes. Workflow can be created for any module and any process and triggered based on certain actions.

    iX ERP CRM Workflow
    iX ERP CRM Web Integration

    Web and Mobile Integration

    iX ERP CRM can integrate with websites, web applications, Mobile applications, by embedding forms that collect data from the websites or applications and save it in the CRM, There are many integration scenarios that can serve several businesses.

    Dashboard & Reports Generator

    iX ERP CRM has a great way to present data, it came with out-of-the-box loaded reports plus a report generator to generate new Charts and List reports. The generated reports can be scheduled and sent to you by email.

    iX ERP CRM Dashboard
    iX ERP CRM Mailbox Integration

    Mailbox Integration

    iX ERP CRM can integrate with any email system, by scanning the email box and getting the messages related to the CRM operation and process from the mailbox to a specific module based on your rules settings.

    Data Import and Export

    All iX ERP CRM Data like leads, opportunities, tickets, projects and tasks can be exported to CSV or Excel for integration with other applications, like importing leads generated by a digital marketing campaign on any advertising platform.

    iX ERP CRM Import and Export
    iX ERP CRM Financial Setup

    Financial Setup

    iX ERP CRM provides a full capability to manage orders and invoices with multi-currencies and tax setup. With iX ERP Financial interaction, data can be transformed at any time to the iX ERP Financial application.

    iX ERP Calendar


    iX ERP CRM provide central calendar view for all company activities.

    The calendar shows all the dates of meetings, calls, opportunities closing or follow-up, service contract expiration and projects tasks and milestones.

    Calendar can show your personal tasks and activities or can show the shared tasks and activities based on the permissions and configuration.