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iX ERP helps you to set up a flexible sales scheme and price lists, “Sales Types” allow you to define pricing levels for specific types of customers. For example, “Sales Types” can be defined for retail and wholesale customers. “Sales Types” can be related to each other by defining a primary sales-type, then you may either provide a discount or up-charge for a particular group based on the primary sales-type prices.

For example: if your primary sales-type is the Retail type, and you would like to wet up Wholesale prices with discount 25% then it will be the following:

  • Retail – base
  • Wholesale – 0.75 (25% discount)

Also, “Sales Types” can be used for sales-markup over Standard Cost that is calculated from purchase invoices or manufacturing cost. For example, if you would like to have a sales-markup of 10% over your standard cost, iX ERP allow you to create a “Sales Pricing” list for each “Sales Type”.

“Sales Types” can be used for other several purposes like Promotions, special prices for a specific type of customer like “Education Sector”, or any other situation where you may want to provide a standard prices deviation on all products and services for a specific customer segment.

“Sales Types” also is used to define if your prices include Tax or exclude tax, this tells iX ERP how to calculate tax and VAT from provided prices when you issue sales invoices or orders.

Sales > Basic Data > Sales Types

*A Sales Type may not be deleted if any transactions using it exists.