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Add and Manage Products and Services

iX ERP enables you to add/edit/delete or manage your products and services or also called Items and Inventory module.

Items are the things you buy and sell in your business. Items are associated with an Item Type which is can be one of three values: Manufactured, Purchased or Service. If you define an item type as ‘Manufactured’ or ‘Purchased’ you can manage stock control and inventory through the Manufacturing menu. ‘Service’ items are not inventory controlled. Items are also associated with an Item Category (which you can define).

Item Code:

  • Item Code is not editable later, it is the product or service (item) unique identifier.
  • Item Code can be any code with letters and numbers, or can be generated by iX ERP using the commonly used EAN-8 barcode.
  • Items codes (barcodes) can be printed for products label using the Bar-Code Printing, go to Report, Reports > Inventory > BarCode Printing

Products and Services Name:

Name of the item (Product or service) and its description should be added for its special box.

Items Attributes:

Items Category: The first thing to do is choosing the item category, this will let iX ERP understand which group of items this product or service will belong to. Also, it will retrieve the group configuration as a default setting for this item. iX ERP allows you to create an unlimited number of Item Categories which define relevant item type, tax types, ledger accounts and units of measure for the item. Item category is a mandatory field and if not chosen, iX ERP will select the first category automatically.

Items Type:

  • Service Type as a Service is assigned to the item when you create a service, so no inventory is managed for the Service items, Please Don’t forget to set the COGS account to your services cost account in your chart of accounts.
  • Purchased Item type is assigned to all products that are purchased from suppliers, iX ERP will keep the inventory operation for type purchased items.
  • Manufactured item type is assigned for the items that are a result for a manufacturing process, so it will be available in the Manufacturing module and iX ERP will handle its production process.

Other Configuration:

  • Units of Measure: This defines the units of the products and services and can be customised by going to Items and Inventory > Basic Data > Units of Measure.
  • Editable Description: If checked, it will allow you to edit item description when entering a sales order or sales invoice.
  • Exclude from sales: If checked, item will not appear on the list when entering a sales order or sales invoice.
  • Exclude from purchases: If checked, item will not appear on the list when entering a purchase order or purchase invoice.
  • Dimensions 1 and 2: This field is active only if dimensions are configured in the Company Setup page. All sales and purchase invoices that contain this item are registered against this dimension.
  • General Ledger Accounts Setup: A list of general ledger accounts set up is assigned to every product and service depends on the product type and product category, to integrate the products and services with the general ledger module and generate the right journal entry.
  • Item Status: (Active / Inactive) Inactive items are not visible in Sales, Purchasing or Manufacturing screens. You may wish to deactivate an item when you have a new version of the product and the old product is out of support or sales.

TAX and VAT:

iX ERP allow you to set up different tax types and rates for every item or group of items, this makes it flexible to include several products with different tax rates in the same invoice and iX ERP will calculate the subtotal and taxes from the item’s assigned tax type.

Items Import:

If you have too many items to be entered manually, iX ERP has import tool under Items and Inventory > Basic Data > Import/Export Items, this will enable you to bulk import a list of the items using an external file with CSV format. It is important to be sure about selecting the correct general ledger account and items category and other attributes. You need to make an export first to have the correct template to fill your products and services, please make sure that all other attributes were set up correctly before importing the file.