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Recurrent Invoices

Recurrent Invoices are used where you have invoices with the same Item lines that you want to send to customers on a regular basis, for example, subscription invoices that are sent out monthly. Imagine you have 100 customers that need a monthly subscription invoice. By using Recurrent Invoices you only have to press a button to send them by email or print them out.

There are two ways of using recurrent invoices. You can either select a customer group or a single customer/branch.

If you are going to use customer groups, start by creating the groups you will assign to branches, e.g. Large, Medium and Small

Go into the branches, Sales > Basic Data > Customer Branches, locate the customer, set the appropriate Sales Group and update the branch.

You are now ready to make some recurrent invoice definitions by clicking Sales > Basic Data > Recurrent Invoices.

The recurrent invoices use the Template Orders, which are shown under Sales > Inquiries and Reports > Sales Order Inquiry.

Template Orders are based on issued invoices, so you have to set up and send out an invoice before you can mark it as a template.

First, enter a Description of the invoice. Select the appropriate template. If this should be addressed to a single customer/branch, select a customer and a branch. If it should be based on a sales group, leave the customer empty and select the group to which you want to send the recurrent invoices.

Now it is time to consider the interval of the invoicing. If you select days and set the monthly value to 0, it will be due every x days. If you select a monthly value, it will be due on an x monthly interval.

The beginning date is the date to start sending the recurrent invoice and the end date when to stop sending the invoices.

Create and print the recurrent invoices

Before creating recurring invoices, check that the price factor in the company setup is set. Also, check that sales prices are set at the item sales prices. It must not be zero. If you have foreign customers the price is automatically calculated. Go to Create And Print Recurrent Invoices in the Sales > Transactions section. The due items are marked and a link Create invoices will appear. Pressing this link creates all the invoices belonging to this group or a single customer/branch. An info line tells you how many invoice-numbers that have been created along with links to print or email the invoices to customers.


If you need more than one group for a customer, create additional branches each with the required group. In order to easily identify this call the branch something similar to the group.

An icon that allows generating invoices will appear only if the current date is greater than the Last Created + set period.
If Last Created is empty (when you just set up recurring invoices) then the icon is active if the current date is greater than Begin + set period.
After invoices are created the icon remains inactive until the current date is greater than the Last Created + set period again.