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Delivery Against Sales Orders

After a Sales Order has been completed, and inventory requirements are satisfied, we come to the delivery stage, a sales order must be set as delivered using Delivery Against Sales Orders in order for it to be invoiced.

Customer delivery against sales orders can protect the company from human mistakes and save huge time, as the items are placed in the Sales Order and will not be entered again, also the quantity is set and cannot be changed.

Note: in the system settings you can set up excessive delivery percentage and the system will work accordingly.

Please note the following:

  1. Order Mark red are overdue.
  2. Confirm that short-shipped items will be either back ordered or canceled.
  3. Make sure freight being charged is correct.
  4. You can deliver the Sales Order Partially and the Order will be open till completed.
  5. You can invoice the delivered items as soon as it is delivered.

Click Process Dispatch to finish.

  • If you want to skip the standard Sales Order step and flag goods as delivered use Direct Sales Delivery.