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iX ERP Human Resources

    iX ERP human resources module includes all required personal and payroll functions with a simple to use automated process. iX ERP supports various payroll scenarios by using smart salary structure setup method. For accounting integration, the human resources module is tightly integrated with bank and cash module and general ledger module.

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    Employee Profile

    Personal is the main feature in the human resources module including detailed employee Profile with profile image and may fields to store employee information details, along with other information related to the job title, position and grade for payroll calculation.


    Employees attendance is a key component in human resources and payroll module, it is the process of defining daily employee status in easy way by using methods such as bulk attendance, file upload and attendance machine integration.

    iX ERP supports unlimited leave management definitions, employee leaves can be recorded within the attendance process.


    iX ERP collects all required data to calculate and generate employees’ payslip including attendance, leave and all salary structure components.

    Payslip is tightly integrated with iX ERP modules through employee payment advice screen to generate payment advice based on the individual employee payslip, then iX ERP will automatically generate bank and cash entry, plus a GL journal for the payment transaction.

    Employee Documents

    iX ERP human resources module supports employee documents and documents expiration with enquiries and notification on the expired documents to maintain all employees information updated.

    Employee Advance

    iX ERP payroll supports employee advance payment during the month to be deducted from the coming payroll, and can be customised based on enterprise internal policy.


    iX ERP human resources module can be integrated with several types of attendance machines, attendance systems, attendance mobile apps through the comprehensive iX ERP API that allow customers to integrate any current system.

    Reporting and Data Analysis

    iX ERP human resources module support several reporting options to generate reports or analytics through several tools such as excel and Microsoft Power BI.