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iX ERP Display Setup sets the default values for the ERP language, figures, dates, printing and display. This menu can also be reached from the User Configuration link in the Top Header Bar under the User Profile Name.

  • Decimal Places – the number of decimal places to be displayed for Prices, Quantities, Exchange Rates, and Percentages.
  • Date Format and Separators – the date format and the separator used for number and date separators. Ensure that your user preferences date format is same with your system date format to avoid confusion.
  • Language – the default language to be displayed to users.
  • Miscellaneous – various miscellaneous settings to be used by users.
    • Show Hide GL Information and Item Codes
    • Define Start Screen After Login
    • Define Printing Paper Size
    • Define Printing Profile
    • Define Popup windows style
    • Tell iX ERP to remember last document date
  • Query page size – The number of records per single page, if you have more records next page will appear in the bottom of the list.
  • Report – Define the default report format (PDF / Excel) and report’s orientation (Portrait / Landscape)

Note: In Display Setup if you change the date format and before you use the new date format, you should log out, empty browser cache, close all browser instances and then login again.