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Company setup in the settings module is the place where you provide iX ERP with your company information like legal name, logo, address, TAX number and other information to be included when you issue invoices, receipts and several other documents.

General Settings: In the general settings section, please enter all available information about your company, some of this information will be printed on your invoice, reports and receipts.

Company information: Company Legal Name, Company Address, Domicile (Extra Address information, or general extra information, website etc. – It will not appear on your documents if left empty), Phone, Fax, company official number and email.

Email: The email field is mandatory if you would like to send documents by email to customers and company employees through iX ERP, also you may enter the CC and BCC fields, by default iX ERP will send a copy of any sent email to these addresses.

Home currency: this is the official country currency which will be used for all legal and financial reports, also this currency will be used in any currency exchange or exchange variance against this set currency (if you don’t find your country local currency listed in the select box, you can create a new currency in the currencies section, please check Multi Currencies WIKI article).

General Ledger Settings: In iX ERP general ledger settings inside company setup module, you can define several factors that will affect general ledger behaviour and other modules like sales and inventory.

Fiscal Year: In this field, you switch your fiscal year for the new year, this will affect several iX ERP functions like default document date and Dashboard, if you don’t find the new fiscal year listed in the box, you need to create the new fiscal year from Fiscal year section, please check Fiscal Year WIKI article under Settings.

Tax configuration: This will set some rules of Tax configuration for the company based on your country or state rules, for example, the tax submit period and for how many past periods, also if you choose to include alternative tax in the document if any, and if you choose to suppress the tax rates in documents.

Revaluation for currency account: you may check this if you would like iX ERP to revaluate the currency account automatically in case of the exchange rate change.

Sales Pricing: In this section, you set up your company default sales pricing, select based price list to be used for auto pricing calculation (If your price list is not listed, please create a price list from Sales Module, please check sales types article in WIKI), Alternatively you may require to calculate your prices from the cost with a fixed percentage, so you put the fixed percentage in Add price from standard cost field and iX ERP will add this percentage to the cost price for sales prices (Please note standard cost is an average product cost calculated from product price in purchase invoices).

Optional Modules: In this section, you will choose the extra module you would like to use like to enable Manufacturing module, Fixed Assets module, also select the levels of dimensions (Cost Centres, Projects etc.) required.

User Interface Options: In this section, you define some user interface features like search behaviour ( please note these fields are work in a reverse way, unchecked means search is enabled.

Login Timeout: this is to inform iX ERP after how much time in seconds your login session will expire and log out automatically if you are not using the application. This option should be included in your IT security procedure and company policy.