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Salesperson set up

Here you can add/edit and delete your salesperson’s details with the commission settings on 2 levels for each salesperson.

Commission Settings: iX ERP support sales commissions by setting the sales commission percentage as per the following example, If you have Salespersons that get sales commission on what they sell, e.g.10% (Commission) of sales till it reaches up to 2000 GBP and then a lower or higher percentage of the rest the salespersons’ sales (Commission 2).

iX ERP allows you to activate or deactivate a salesperson, if you check the checkbox “Show also Inactive” an extra column will appear in the table to give you the ability to de-activate an active salesperson or activate an inactive one.

Please note that salesperson name will appear on the invoice if you assign the salesperson on the customer or branch if you are not intended to use this feature you can place the percentage value as 0 and set the name of the salesperson as your company name.