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iX ERP Integration with Microsoft Power BI

    iX ERP integration with Microsoft Power BI allows customers to build custom reports and data analysis for their iX ERP entries, Using Microsoft Power BI will enable iX ERP business intelligence and data analytics to support organizational decisions and forecasts. Using built-in Artificial Intelligence using “R” and Python programming language will contribute positively to customer’s success.

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    Cloud-Based Integration

    Use iX ERP API to integrate with Microsoft Power BI, and start building your custom reports and analysis in a minute, enable live updates and notifications to get business updates on email or mobile App.

    Fast Start

    iX ERP integration with Microsoft Power BI is easy to use, seamless and quick process. Once the iX ERP API data source is set in Microsoft Power BI you can start building your dashboard immediately.

    Users Permissions

    Using iX ERP integration with Power BI you can enable several dashboards and enable them for your users based on permissions related to their role.


    Get report notifications for Microsoft Power BI based on your business rules and selected notifications. Set your rules and Microsoft Power BI will notify you when the condition is met with the selected channel like email or mobile app.


    iX ERP integration with Microsoft Power BI is providing language flexibility as it is using UTF-8 which is supported by iX ERP and Microsoft Power BI. That means you can see your reports using any language.

    Artificial Intelligence

    You can enable several AI features and Machine Learning in Microsoft Power BI and instantly enable AI benefits for your business.

    Extend Reporting and Data Analysis

    Using Microsoft Power BI development environment along with iX ERP API developers can satisfy organisation reports and data analysis requirements.