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Customer Payment can be done in several ways whether direct deposit or against the invoice, it is the Accounts receivable A/R and affect customer account and customer allocation.

You can find it under Sales -> Common Transaction -> Customer Payment

  1. Select the customer’s account from drop-down box. If there is more than one branch/location for this customer, select the correct one from the second box.
  2. Select the bank account the deposit should be made to. List of Bank Accounts can be setup in Banking and General Ledger module.
  3. If needed, change the date of the deposit.
  4. Enter the full amount of any additional bank charges.
  5. Enter the payment discount taken by the customer (or it will be calculated automatically if customer prompt payment discount is set).
  6. Enter the full amount of the deposit.
  7. Optionally, enter a memo/note about the deposit.
  8. If the customer has pending invoices, the invoices will show above.
  9. You can allocate the payment to a certain invoice, to be settled and allocated.
  10. You can pay the invoice fully or partially.
  11. Payment can be made in different currency based on the bank account currency.
  12. Payments in different currency will apply the default exchange rate set in Banking and General Ledger module.

If you make a payment not related to an invoice, in order to apply this payment to individual invoices, you must select Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes, after you have finished entering payments.