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iX ERP CRM Sales

    iX ERP CRM sales module helps your sales team to sell more with less effort and provides comprehensive sales and marketing functions and workflow steps for all sales operations. iX ERP CRM supports sales directors and decision-makers in their daily decision by providing sales data analytics and reporting.

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    Contacts Management

    All your contacts and organisation information in one place with full details. Contacts can be managed or assigned to certain sales employees based on your organisation structure, you can track all the activities done by any person in the organisation on this contact as an omni-channel system.

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    Sales Pipeline

    Keep all customers information in one place with full details about branches, employees, contacts, job title, phone numbers, tax card discount percentage and much more other useful information to be used as your contact management CRM.


    Leads Generation

    Put some control and guidance on your customers by defining some options like the type of price list and credit limit, selling zone and the salesman responsible for this customer.

    Sales Process

    Sales process control starting from quotation and sale order till invoice and collection with integration with delivery process whether partial delivery or full delivery for inventory items.


    360 Customer Tracking

    Selling different types of products and services with different tax rates in the same invoice or separate invoices is too easy with iX ERP sales module, we got you covered in these types of operations with no mistakes.

    Web and Mobile Integration

    Full customer’s accounting using several features like customer credit limit and invoice’s ageing, full tracking of customer payment and due invoices with full control of banning action and applied on all branches immediately.

    Calendar and Tasks Management

    Whether you are selling online or using multi-channels like POS, you are still able to keep all your sales transaction data in one place to integrate with other modules like the general ledger and for reporting and analytics purposes like tax reporting, through iX ERP integration tools and data import.

    Duplicate Management

    Cover and control the full process of sales logistics with iX ERP sales module integration with inventory and logistics modules for products delivery and shipping to customers, whether you are using your company delivery people or outsourced shipping company.

    Sales Reports and Analysis

    Monitor customer transaction live in all branches with comprehensive dashboard and reports to cover all aspects like customer balance and customer statement and ageing reports and much more.