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Before you start using the module, you need to perform human resources module initial setup for the following:-

  • The Default Setup
    This setup includes information about your enterprise monthly working days, number of working hours per day, week start day, the General Ledger payroll and overtime expenses accounts.
  • Departments
    Name your departments to be able to assign the employees to departments.
  • Leave types
    Define approved leave types to be available in employees leave in attendance section.
  • Overtime
    Define the approved overtime names and rate to be available when you prepare employees payslip.
  • Job Positions
    Definition of all job titles and positions in your enterprise to be assigned to employees profile.
  • Manage Grades
    Different job grades to be assigned to employees profile and salary structure.
  • Pay Elements
    Definition of employee payments and salary elements and its General Ledger accounts.
  • Pay Elements Allocation
    Allocate pay elements to the job positions and grades for salary calculation.
  • Salary Structure
    Salary structure for different job grades to be available for payslip calculation.