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FINCRAFT is a firm established by a team of finance experts who possess over 20 years of experience in overseeing large-scale projects conducted by multinational corporations and industry leaders. Our leaders have received comprehensive education and official certifications. Our primary objective is to become one of the leading financial services outsourcing firms. We firmly believe that our unique methodologies and strategies will enable us to achieve this goal. We possess a deep understanding of the requirements of your business and how to efficiently manage its operations. Drawing on our professional expertise and knowledge, we are equipped to safeguard your business's growth by addressing internal threats and resolving external conflicts. Our range of services includes:

- Conducting case analysis to identify business needs.
- Implementing internal rules and procedures.
- Establishing chart of accounts.
- Implementing and providing training for iX ERP.
- Bookkeeping services.
- Cost management.
- Waste management.
- Planning and budgeting.
- Performance measurement and variance analysis.
- Tax advisory services.
- Financial reporting.
- Conducting feasibility studies and case studies.
- Internal audit and review.
- Due diligence.