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API2CART is an online solution that provides a unified API to perform integration, It allows you to connect and work with 40+ eCommerce & ERP platforms through one API integration and gain access to various store data such as products, orders, customers, shipments, categories, etc.

API2CART can help businesses connect their ecommerce to iX ERP by providing a unified API that allows them to integrate with 40+ shopping carts and marketplaces at once. This way, they can sync inventory, collect orders, create shipments, update order statuses, and form accurate reports across all their ecommerce sales channels. API2CART also supports webhooks that enable real-time data updates from the stores. By using API2CART, businesses can save time, money, and human resources on developing and maintaining multiple integrations with different platforms. They can also enhance iX ERP features and processes by accessing various store data from the ERP such as products, customers, categories, etc.

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