Trading Business owners were empowered by iXDev cloud applications for better decision making to perform better and grow their business faster, in an easy, secure and affordable way.

For many years iXDev empowered several trading businesses in Small and Medium sector (SMB / SME) and larger Enterprises to operate their organisation better and get detailed insights out of their business data to have better decision making and reach operational excellence.

By providing our customers with the right tools like iXERP as a Cloud ERP  for SMEs Trading businesses, they are able to oversee their operation and server their customers more effeminately, this results of huge cost reduction and enhance organisation performance.

iXDev work with businesses as partners not only to enhance their internal operation but also to grow their business, by providing simple and affordable ways to open new channels and sell online using eCommerce cloud service.

SME Trading Business owners of today’s companies don’t need to think about infrastructure like servers and its cost, deprecation or maintenance, using cloud infrastructure become very easy, secure, dependable and cost-effective, to let business owners keep company money to run the operation and focus on their business process. Business owners don’t even need to hire IT professional to run and manage their infrastructure because iXDev provide several cloud infrastructure services managed by iXDev NOC professional team to help businesses reduce cost and focus on their work.

Whether you are a new trading business SMEs, startup or a big enterprise you are in need of internet power to operate and market your product as a modern business, simplifying several aspects like software applications and information technology allows you to focus on your business growth. By using iXDev Cloud Services allows your business to Perform Better and Grow Faster.