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Meaning of SaaS

    What is the Meaning of SaaS?

    Do you wonder Meaning of SaaS, SaaS is one of the cloud technology terms when it comes to software applications, means “Software as a Service”

    Cloud Technology becomes the main Digital Transformation platform for small and medium businesses to be able to use and adopt technology. Cloud Services has some common terms that replace Information Technology Systems implementation on premises, like IaaS “Infrastructures as a Service” which replaces the hardware servers and networks, PaaS “Platform as a Service” which replaces the development platforms and operating systems plus databases and SaaS “Software as a Service” which replaces on premises business applications for example ERP and CRM.

    SaaS Application advantages

    SaaS, can be named as “Online Applications” which you can access through the internet by subscribing to the service and pay only for what you use according to your organisation size.

    SaaS, removes the burden of small businesses that needs to implement applications because of its flexible payment model “Pay-as-you-go” or “Pay-for-what-you-use”, with this flexible payment model you only pay for your number of users according to your company size, and you don’t need to pay much money in advance, because the billing is per month.

    SaaS, eliminates the huge list of requirements to run applications like the hardware cost, cost of software licence and its running cost like maintenance.

    SaaS, are secure, reliable and up to date as it is run and maintained by a very professional team, who takes care of every technical aspects on behalf of you like security, backups and updates.

    SaaS, are scalable as you can increase your usage or number of users anytime when needed.

    SaaS, can be integrated with other applications by using APIs, which is an interface that prepared specifically to integrate with other applications like email.

    Features of SaaS:

    • No Hardware required
    • No software Licence Required
    • No Initial Setup or Installation Required
    • Cost-effective, Pay only for what you use
    • Scalable any Time
    • Use any time anywhere
    • Use from any Device
    • Automatic Backup
    • Secure and Updated
    • Maintained and Run by a professional team

    iXDev as a Global Cloud Transformation Enabler had built SaaS applications to empower small and medium companies to grow and achieve success in their business which cover most of the organisation’s workflow, Cloud iX ERP “Enterprise Resources Planning” (Cloud ERP).

    For more information about SaaS model, please read the Wikipedia article “Software as a Service”