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What is ERP

    The ERP Solution is software for businesses to manage their resources effectively, the term ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning which represents the purpose of the software solution.

    The Enterprise word represents any business of any size, large enterprise or small and medium business in any field like retail, trading, services or manufacturing.

    The Resources term refers to any business resources like inventory, machines and production tools, cash, workers, assets, suppliers, customers and many others.

    The Planning term refers to any process and plans businesses usually do to run the business in an effective way, or in other words the business plan to succeed and achieve business goals.

    The ERP software usually consists of several modules that are integrated together for example; sales module, purchase or procurement module, inventory module, accounting and financial module and manufacturing module.

    All ERP modules are related to a standard business process that is used by one user or several users and related to each other, for example, the sales department require the inventory balance to create a sales order, and the purchasing department requires the inventory balance to create a purchase order, so the ERP software can keep an accurate balance of the inventory, the ERP also manage the actual warehouse delivery and receive.

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    Is ERP Managing your business?

    The short answer for the question is “NO”, ERP software doesn’t manage your business on behalf of you, it doesn’t take decisions but it helps you make the right and more effective decision by showing you several indicators to help you understand the situation better and do what is best for your business, the software gives you several indicators related to all modules and department combined to avoid any unforeseen situation, and this should be in a great value for any business.

    Does ERP Suite any business?

    “YES”, any business can benefit from the ERP solution features, the decision making and planning is not for big enterprises only, but also small businesses can plan and manage their resources using such software to enable them to achieve their short term goals and grow by continuous enhancement for their performance to become a big enterprise in the near future.

    Also, the ERP Software makes the business compliant with tax and VAT requirement for several countries and make financial planning, monthly reports and annual financial reporting very easy, and makes business owners aware of their business performance around the clock.

    Is ERP for Manufacturers?

    “YES”, ERP Software for Manufacturers will integrate the production process with other departments and business processes, one of the most important functions in ERP is product costing based on the raw material purchase average cost and the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) which regulate the relationship between sales, production and procurement department for ordering adequate raw material for production to fulfil all placed sales orders.


    ERP Software Solutions helps businesses of any size to make the right and effective decisions for continuous enhancement of their performance and enable them to grow faster, it enables cross-department collaboration which saves a lot of time and effort, it also creates loyal clients through better services and experience.