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iX ERP Invoicing Scenarios | Cloud ERP

    iX ERP has several Invoicing Scenarios to cover different businesses workflow and requirements. In this article, we will list all possible iX ERP Invoicing Scenarios.

    Every business has its own workflow that suite more its nature and customers. To cover all the possible scenarios, iX ERP has several implementations best practises to cover all customer invoicing scenarios.

    iX ERP Invoicing Scenarios

    Prepaid Invoices Scenario

    The prepaid invoices are used when the customer pays in advance and then we issue the invoice after that, whether the customer is paying the full amount or partial amount of the invoice.

    iX ERP cover the prepaid invoice with tracking the customer order, so the customer can pay partial amounts till he completed the payment then a legal invoice is issued, at any point of time, you can issue customer invoice for the prepaid part.

    This scenario is a VAT and TAX saving as it allows to issue the invoice later after the payment is done and avoid paying tax early on full customer’s order.

    Invoices Against Services or Items Delivery

    Invoices against delivery are used for products and services that require delivery or proof of work or items delivery. In this scenario, the customer asks to pay only for what is delivered from his order and issue an invoice against what is delivered only based on customer approval.

    iX ERP cover invoices against delivery by tracking the delivery from the customer order and invoice only what is delivered. In this scenario, a single customer order may have several deliveries and invoices, iX ERP will connect all the transactions with the customer payment to close the selling cycle.

    This scenario saves a lot of hassle and avoids incorrect billing of undelivered items or services, also it track the inventory items of what exactly delivered to the customer and what is still on hand with keeping track or the customer original order in case of multiple deliveries on the order on a pan of time.

    Direct Invoicing Scenario

    Direct invoice scenario is a simple process usually used for on the shelf products and direct services that require to issue the invoice with the service/items delivery or before the service/items delivery and does not require a delivery receipt of the service or item.

    iX ERP include this scenario as a direct invoice feature which automatically completes the rest of required data and entries like customer delivery transaction.

    This scenario is mostly used by companies that require a simpler process of issuing invoices with no proof of delivery required, whether the invoice is cash or credit sales based on the selected payment term.

    Recurrence Invoicing Scenario

    Recurrence invoices are used for equal monthly invoices or instalments, like subscription or retainers, to be paid by the customer on a monthly basis.

    iX ERP cover the recurrence invoices by providing the capability to set the template for the invoice or the order to be available for release every month on the named date or even every period as it’s setting like quarterly or semi-annually.

    This iX ERP feature should eliminate the delay of issuing the recurrence invoices and also reduce forgetting issuance of the invoice and let clients recognize revenue faster.