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iX Cloud ERP for Services Industry

    For services company, in order to deliver the best service possible to their clients, they should implement iX ERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry (Enterprise Resources Planning). Services organisations have very specific and varied requirements when selecting an ERP solution. They are looking to maximize resource utilization, project management, execution and managing time and expenses, so the selected ERP should be capable to achieve this effectively.

    What Services Sector is looking for?

    Services organisations by nature are project-oriented, whether the project is long term or a single short period task, so the chosen ERP should cover their needs. Historically, ERP systems were built to serve companies that design products, manufacturing or trading. If services centric organisations were trying to use these systems, usually they struggle and ask the software provider to work on customisation or workaround to make it works for them. The complexity and workarounds involved do not make it the solution viable for a service organisation.

    Many service organisations still rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to manage vital areas of business, and this may cause several legal and financial issues, this due to disconnected processes to cause delays and errors with financial processes, and definitely the most important that it impacts the service they deliver to their clients.

    What iX Cloud ERP for Services Industry Provides.

    iX ERP Cloud ERP system for services organizations is able to cover projects and allow the ultimate flexibility for Services Sector to deliver their best service to their customers.

    iX ERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry, being aware of services business requirements means it delivers the best experience for services companies and analyses every transaction recorded in the system either manually or automatically.

    iX ERP Cloud ERP for the services sector, built from the point of view of services organisations, and deliver a completely different experience. iX ERP designed to manage complex projects and its accounting and to allow for service definition and services categories.

    As the ERP system is the most critical for companies of any size, it usually makes a great difference between success and failure. iX ERP Cloud ERP for Services Sector drive your business to success and help to achieve organisation goals. iX ERP Uses several Dimensions to define projects and its details activities to make it easy but comprehensive in tracking project cost and activities.

    In iX Dev we understand the requirements of the services industry, so we equipped iX ERP with all features that serve the services sector and let them achieve their goals and serve customers better.