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How iX Dev cloud applications support during hard-times?

    iX Dev always believed in cloud applications to support businesses during hard-times to work from everywhere and reach your data anytime from any device, and to help business owners to make accurate and fast decisions based on real company data and situation.

    Since our start, we faced several challenges from businesses who resist change and would like to use the traditional ways and tools, these businesses are mostly having problems during hard-times as they are not prepared for any change in their way of doing daily business tasks.

    Our customers who accepted the change and searched for new ways to ease their daily business process are prepared during the hard-times, as they can work mobile and are flexible to change their process.

    How can iX Dev Cloud Business applications support during hard-times?

    iX Dev is always interested in their customer’s success and provide support to businesses to be flexible and mobile at all times.

    Using iX Dev iX ERP (Cloud ERP), we support business owners to work remotely and be on top of their organisation situation not only financially but also sales status, and inventory status.

    Our customers are prepared during hard-times to operate without interrupting their services to their customers. They have the right tools to make decisions and work from anywhere at any time with full utilization of their resources. They also gained their customer’s trust because they are still supporting them even during hard-times.

    If you have a business interruption during these hard-times and lock-down, please don’t hesitate to contact iX Dev team to support you to make your business more mobile and operate efficiently to be able to support your customers during these hard-times by using iX Dev cloud applications.

    More information about business interruption, please check the link for Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme