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Egypt eInvoice

    Egypt eInvoice is part of the Egyptian government digital transformation to integrate businesses into the tax authority system using an SDK to report invoices and VAT (Value Added Tax) to the tax authority.

    The Egypt eInvoice is also known in Arabic as الفاتورة الإلكترونية or Egyptian e-Invoice, you can find several resources on google explaining how it works and how it utilises e-signature “eSignature” and electronic seal to verify the invoice and sender or merchant.

    More information about Egypt eInvoice can be found here

    iXDev has successfully done the iXERP integration with Egypt eInvoice through working with local Egyptian software vendors to integrate iXERP invoices directly to the Egyptian tax authority system to be easy for iXERP users to report their invoices and VAT directly to the tax authority.

    iXDev is always committed to supporting businesses and government in their digital transformation journey, making running businesses as easy as possible by developing a hassle-free technology that is easy to use and affordable for small and medium enterprises.

    iXERP is one of the leading cloud ERP solutions in Egypt, providing Egyptian customers with the best ERP solution to enhance business performance, grow their businesses and support decision making, also to be compliant with local laws and taxation requirements.

    We have made it easy for our customers and iXERP users to configure iXERP to comply with Egyptian tax authority requirements using easy configuration for Tax codes and GS1 products categorisation, so it automatically can be applied to invoices created in iXERP and can be reported with no errors or rejection from the Egyptian tax authority and make the businesses compliant with the local regulation faster and easier.

    More information about Egyptian tax SDK can be found here

    Please check iXERP features by pressing the button below and how it makes running your business easier by complying with local laws in Egypt.