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iXDev helping businesses during crisis

    iXDev helping businesses during the crisis, since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we are monitoring actions to prevent its spread, these actions as complete lockdown in some countries and cities led to an economic recession.

    We always support and help our customers, we noticed that our customers from micro-business are suffering from the economic state caused by the actions taken to spread COVID-19, we decided to be on the side of our customers and help them during these hard times.

    We had approved a fund to support our customers to continue operating and utilize our tools to manage their business and make the right decisions during this hard time to overcome the challenges together.

    This approved fund will be directed to micro-businesses from our customers to avail of our cloud applications and tools to manage their companies’ resources efficiently during the current economic recession.

    The fund will cover iXERP services renewal and extra support services for micro-business to support them manage their resources and take the right and accurate decisions based on real data.

    We believe this fund and our staff complete support can be helping businesses during the crisis, our customers from micro-businesses will pass this hard time by managing their resources and working remotely to ensure staff safety.

    Our staff is available to support our customers, especially the ones who are suffering from the current crisis. Our staff objective is to help businesses during this crisis and keep them safe.