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iX ERP Named a Challenger by CorzDesk Market Radar

    We are delighted to see iX ERP named a challenger among several other ERP Software on CrozDesk market radar for the world ERP industry.

    CrozDesk had launched its market radar for Resource Planning (ERP) industry, the list includes more than 500 ERP software, they selected the top ERP software to be on their market radar.

    iX ERP CrozDesk Market Radar

    iX ERP Named a Challenger and is listed among the challengers in CrozDesk market radar, we are looking forward to seeing iX ERP on the market leaders zone very soon.

    We invite all our customers to rate iX ERP on CrozDesk, please view our listing on CrozDesk Website. iX ERP Listing on CrozDesk.

    iXERP CrozDesk Market Radar

    What is the Crozdesk Market Radar?

    One of the most difficult tasks when comparing business software is getting an initial overview of the entire market landscape.

    The Crozdesk Market Radar is a fully automated, live chart that visualizes the relative positioning of the top software vendors within a specific market or niche. It compares vendors in terms of their overall solution strength and their size/market share. The position of a vendor on the radar is determined by comparing them to others.

    The radar features 4 segments: Champions, Market Leaders, Product Leaders and Challengers. The inclusion of a vendor in a specific segment does not necessarily mean that the solution they provide is better or worse, but should serve as an indication of the relative positioning in the context of the wider market landscape.

    Check the details about CrozDesk Market Radar.

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